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Bring Out The Best in You and Your Business

Signature Skills

Success as a leader goes beyond soft skills, and hard skills, it is directly connected to developing your signature skills.


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Building Strong Teams

Building strong teams is more than hiring good people; it’s building what is strong in your people.


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Maximize People

Do you know how to bring out the best in people?


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  • headshot Rhonda Griffin
    It's like magic!! Without Steve and strengths building coaching I wouldn't have been nearly so successful in any of my professional endeavors.
    Rhonda Griffin
  • Melissa Thraikill
    Your methods and knowledge have allowed me to accept that I am doing the work that is in line with my strengths and core values.
    Melissa Thraikill Esq.
  • Lesa Ansell
    I started working with Mr. Hendon to help me determine what type of practice I wanted and how to attract my ideal patients. I feared without this process, the practice would control me.
    Dr. Lesa G. Ansell DC, RN MSN
  • Janet Shafer Boyanton Esq
    We started working together in September and by April of the following year I had more probate cases than the entire previous year.
    Janet Boyanton Esq.
  • Chris Parvin Esq.
    Working with Steve has led me to a journey of self-discovery that has made me a more effective businessman, attorney and community leader.
    Chris Parvin Esq.